R Studios was established in 2018 as one of its kind luxury fashion label which fulfils all the design needs for every occasion and gender! We provide comfortable and confident wearing for our clients based on their customised requirements and fit.

With a team of experience of over 30+ years and dedicated designers, we have served various individuals with the best outfits. We bring in the best fabrics and designs to provide the highest quality tailoring along with an opulence experience.

We provide apparel for birthdays, parties, meetings, weddings, festivals and whatnot! Gowns, suits, indo-western and all glam are our go-to wardrobe options for you!

We have been serving clients from the USA and India with the vision of accommodating customer satisfaction and plan to take the label to greater heights in the coming years!

Our Products and Solutions

Custom Tailoring

We make all your outfit imaginations come true through our facility of custom tailoring! We customise outfits according to luxury designs and specific sizes!



Upcycling your garments is the best gift you can give to the environment and your dress! We increase the life shelf of all types of garments to a premium quality in such a way that you will believe it’s a brand-new outfit!



A perfect look is created with perfect fitting and silhouette, and hence alterations become the core of our fashion studio. We provide in-house modifications to your dream outfit so that you wear an amazing fit!      


Matching Outfits

Matching outfits always make a statement and we help you with the same! Come with your family or friends; we guarantee an amazing coordinated look for all!

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